Rifrullo Firenze

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Located in the heart of San Niccolò, Rifrullo Firenze is a vibrant hub serving as a brunch spot, a bistro, and a cocktail bar. Established in 1917 as the first-ever American bar in Florence, Rifrullo has evolved into a label-less neighbourhood bar, embracing a fusion of cultures, tastes, and people.

Historically renowned as the neighbourhood for artists and creative thinkers, Rifrullo Firenze has become the go-to place for locals, tourists, and expats to converse in our dynamic space that caters to diversity throughout the day.

Cocktail bar a Firenze con dj station, dal design contemporaneo e minimale, Rifrullo Firenze

From our typical Tuscan offerings to trendy international plates, we offer a culinary window of exploration, perfectly reflected in our architectural versatility.

And for those seeking a truly unique experience, indulge in our “Passport to Drink” menu, an exploration of signature cocktails inspired by global flavors, crafted with creativity, to let your palate travel the world.

Rifrullo overlooks the city of Florence on three sides, thanks to our outdoor seating on San Niccolò, the large doors on the street of San Miniato, and our splendid terrace overlooking the historic walls of the city of Florence, right below Piazzale Michelangelo. Our space, curated by designer Davide Franchi, blends old-world charm with contemporary elements, creating an inviting atmosphere. From exposed brick walls to industrial matte black accents, every detail reflects our dedication to honouring our heritage while embracing modernity. We are a blend of tastes, flavours, and people – inviting you to join us in experiencing the vibrant spirit of Rifrullo Firenze.